Professional Liability Insurance for Physicians

Coverage Features

Choosing malpractice insurance can be confusing, time-consuming and costly. The right coverage is critical, but how can you be sure the coverage you select is right for you?

At Aon Physician Alliance, we constantly monitor the medical malpractice marketplace. We know which insurance companies have already reached their new business quota for the year and are not accepting new submissions. We know which insurance companies are on the watch list for financial difficulties. We know which insurance companies like certain medical specialties and which specialties they don't like.

Focus on Your Needs

After assessing your practice risk, our experts evaluate the market based on your geographic region, medical specialty, claims experience, if any, and practice size for coverage options and rates that correspond to your needs. We then present you with our recommendations and you decide which insurance coverage and rate best meets your needs.

Although Aon Physician Alliance specializes in preferred and standard risks we also have multiple alternatives for non-standard or more challenging specialties and/or claims experience. We have excellent relationships with both admitted insurance companies and surplus lines insurance companies through which we can access the Excess & Surplus markets.

Putting physicians in a position to make a more informed choice is the cornerstone of Aon Physician Alliance's value proposition.

How We Can Help

Aon Physician Alliance is a full-service insurance brokerage with vast resources and very strong carrier relationships. As your broker, we are dedicated to helping you and your fellow physicians find affordable medical malpractice insurance through high rated insurers.

At Aon you will work with experienced professionals. For over 25 years healthcare practitioners have tapped this expertise for professional liability coverage. In addition to past excellence, Aon Physician Alliance is committed to working with physicians for years to come. As a division of Aon Corporation - one of the largest insurance brokers in the world - we are supported by an extensive corporate network and resources worldwide.

At the same time, our relationship with you is local. We conduct market research in your region to determine which insurance providers are best suited to cover your practice.

To minimize your risk, each company is thoroughly screened to establish their financial stability and claims paying ability. Not every insurer meets Aon's high standards. Eliminating marginal companies saves you time and potential problems.

Once screened, preferred insurers are selected. And from these qualified providers, companies that write malpractice insurance in your region are matched with your practice needs.

This model is followed day in and day out as the state of medical malpractice changes. As one of the nation's largest insurance brokerages, we can save you valuable time and effort. Not only that, you're rewarded with affordable coverage for your practice and the peace of mind ensured by working with a broker whose long-term commitment to physicians is proven.

Steps to Coverage

There are only a few simple steps to get started. More important, there's no cost and no obligation to let Aon Physician Alliance help you find appropriate coverage.
  • Start by submitting a Request for Quote. Once completed and submitted this document provides basic information for your practice risk to be assessed. Submit online, fax or, if you prefer, call to have an account consultant process your request.
  • Once received, your practice needs are evaluated. Then market research is initiated to select suitable carriers, products and rates. A representative may call for more details and every effort is made to communicate with you in a timely manner.
  • When local provider and product options are determined, you're contacted with coverage choices. Whenever possible, you're offered several plans from which to choose.
Eligible Professionals
  • Solo physicians or small group practices (3-10)
  • All specialties considered
Depending Upon the Insurance Carrier, Coverage Can Include:
  • Occurrence form coverage, where available
  • High limits of liability
  • Individual and group coverage forms and pricing
  • Protection for individuals, legal organizations, staff, employee, volunteers
  • Peer review and utilization review
  • Defendant's reimbursement
  • Defense of state regulatory investigations
  • Substitute physician's coverage (Locum Tenens)
  • Defense costs in addition to policy limits
  • Premium financing services
Ongoing Service

When you contact Aon Physician Alliance, you receive prompt, courteous and professional personal service.
  • Account Consultant - Your practice is assigned a professional account consultant who handles all insurance concerns (renewals, coverage changes, questions, claims, etc.) for your account.
  • Service Center - By calling the Service Center at 1-866-815-5776, you may conduct simple transactions or access your account information electronically. You may also speak with a professional representative at anytime.
  • Premium Financing - Aon Physician Alliance offers you premium financing services through Cananwill Premium Funding. For over 70 years, Cananwill has been an innovator and visionary in all aspects of premium finance. Talk to your Account Consultant for more information.
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